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NGA is the collective voice of the nation’s governors and one of the nation’s most respected public policy organizations.

Our team led the redesign effort for NGA’s 2018 relaunch. During the two-month, expedited timeline, we designed and developed a custom WordPress theme for the organization, migrated years worth of content from a legacy CMS platform, and restructured URLs to preserve SEO friendly links.

Since launch, we have worked with NGA to create multiple micro-sites for the Center for Best Practices and custom pages for new and ongoing initiatives, including governor-led efforts in workorce, education, infrastructure and health.

  • 2018

  • Content Strategy, Website Design + Development

  • Deadline-based

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Through user research, user persona development and design discussions our team built a web-based application architected for future growth and scale.

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“We literally talk with Made by Munsters every week when we're determining the strategy for new website needs from across the organization. The transformation in our site has been phenomenal. We build things so much more quickly than we did before working together.”
Arianna Cicchinelli
Arianna Cicchinelli
NGA Operations Manager
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