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OrderNova teamed up with us to re-architect its existing platform that helps make the sales process simpler for companies who sell baked goods. Our challenge was to rethink a product that had been in production for over a decade while also better positioning it for future growth and scale.

After a multi-day workshop, our two teams were able to strip out and simplify the product by removing unnecessary features and narrowing its core focus. Additionally, it was determined that a web-based, responsive web application made the most sense for the new release. This would allow OrderNova's team to continue to scale and onboard new customers without the pains of the manual installation process of the current product.

The product is made up of three distinct web experiences that share similar design and development patterns. Each user - OrderNova admin, bakery admin/employee and bakery customer - have their own web portal which allows them to complete various tasks associated to their role. Connecting these portals together is one powerful API that passes data between the various front-end interfaces.

  • 2017

  • Brand, Marketing and Product Design + Development

  • Enterprise Collaboration

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Through user research, user persona development and design discussions our team built a web-based application architected for future growth and scale.

  • Customer ecommerce store
  • Admin dashboard
  • Logo
“The focus for this project was a day one release. Identify, design and develop the features needed for a bakery to run a successful online store. The outcome was a flexible product that can be used by bakeries in various ways to reach a new audience while also allowing for future growth where needed.”
Kurt Cunningham
Kurt Cunningham
Co-Founder + CIO at MBM
  • Bakery dashboard
  • Customer order history
  • Customer item overview

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