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We partnered with Schlep in early 2015. At that time, Schlep's user base was beginning to bloom and its current Squarespace solution did not provide the level of detail, automation, and sophistication it needed to scale properly. Schlep was seeking a custom, responsive web application that served as both a marketing portal and request scheduler.

The AngularJS/Ruby on Rails-based application allows customers to schedule a request based on the team's avaliablity while also allowing the company's admins to manually manage their entire operation.

  • 2015

  • Product Design + Development

  • Enterprise Collaboration

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Through user research, user persona development and design discussions our team built a web-based application architected for future growth and scale.

  • Create schlep request
  • Admin dashboard
  • Join the schlep team
“We thrive on collaboration at Schlep and, thus, when vetting the options we had to work with on our technology product, knew we had to find a team that had the bend toward excellence that we thrive on, as well as, the attitudes to match. Made by Munsters has fit in with the Schlep team from day one – and continues to drive our product to be top performing.”
Hunter Riley
Hunter Riley
CEO + COO at Schlep
  • Customer request history
  • Mobile application
  • Schlep request pricing demo

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