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Michael Yosowitz

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Project's scope of work

Michael Yosowitz came to us to help him build a web-based restaurant reservation system. While there are certainly several major players in this marketplace, Yosowitz sought to bring a more affordable product to smaller and mid-size restaurants.

The responsive web application was built with React, Sass, Ruby on Rails and GraphQL and featured a custom restaurant management view and customer reservation request form. During the first six week MVP phase, we focused on taking and making reservations - the core of product.

After the intial launch, the focus shifted to the restaurant layout. This allowed users to create their restaurant floor layouts by draging and dropping tables and stools on to an open canvas which in return directly effected the number of reservations allowed per hour, per night. This added a layer of validation needed to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • 2018

  • Product Design + Development

  • Enterprise Collaboration

Take a closer look at the product

Through user research, user persona development and design discussions our team built a web-based application architected for future growth and scale.

  • Reservation grid
  • Manage table reservations
  • Create floor layouts
“By using React and Ruby on Rails, we were able to create a component-driven application that can scale over time and rapidly change based on user needs or feature requirements.”
Clay Carpenter
Clay Carpenter
Director of Technology at MBM
  • Customer reservation form
  • Add new customer
  • Manage floor layout schedule

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