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Why should you work with us?

With our well defined and tested development process, our team can help you deliver a validated, user-tested product through rapid and iterative releases.

Our minimum viable product - or MVP - design and development process is aimed at narrowing the focus of your scope of work so that we can help you launch and test your product with real users as soon as possible. In return, this will allow you to generate revenue and user data for future development.

“What’s great about MBM is you don’t just get one or two developers punching a clock; you get an entire team of creative minds, eager to help you build something original.”

— Titus Smith // ESPN

Timeline built for speed

During this six week build, our team of designers and developers work rapidly and efficiently to complete the features your product needs to be successful for day one.

  • Getting Started

    Plan, discuss, discover

    The process starts with an inception workshop to understand what it is you want to build. This involves creating user personas, user stories, design wireframing and product road mapping. Workshop highlights:

    • • Understanding your users' behaviors
    • • Finding the right features
    • • Defining a day one product release
  • Sprint 01

    Hit the ground running

    With a roadmap in hand, it's time to get to work. Our team of designers and developers begin the first phase of work by creating documentation and building out the initial scaffold for your product. Our goals:

    • • Develop a scalable design system
    • • Build the first set of required features
    • • Release a landing page for beta sign ups
  • Sprint 02

    Internal testing and evaluation

    During the second sprint, our team focuses on the core feature that the product needs to be successful. Through planning and discussions, our team's goal is to find a creative solution to the problem your product is trying to solve. Our focus:

    • • Client and team planning meetings
    • • Bi-weekly demos to validate solutions
    • • Fluid iterations to meet planned goals
  • Sprint 03

    Final walk through and release

    After just six weeks it's time to release your product. During the last phase of the MVP build, we review your product in detail with you and determine how we will measure success. This gives you the data you need to make informed decisions moving forward. What's next:

    • • Deploy product for collaborative testing
    • • Provide documentation for user testing
    • • Determine changes based on user feedback
“We thrive on collaboration at Schlep and, thus, when vetting the options we had to work with on our technology product, knew we had to find a team that had the bend toward excellence that we thrive on, as well as, the attitudes to match. Made by Munsters has fit in with the Schlep team from day one – and continues to drive our product to be top performing.”
Hunter Riley
Hunter Riley
CEO + COO at Schlep

One price: $32,750

Our MVP package includes a two-day workshop, a dedicated design and development team, and marketing web site at one fixed price. The goal of this package is to get your application up and running and into the marketplace so you can begin to generate revenue and onboard customers.

During the six week - or three sprint - timeline you will work with one of our talented designers, full-stack developers and project managers to ensure your product setup for future growth and scale.

After the initial MVP launch, you will have the option to sign up for a subscription for continued design and development. Each subscription lasts for three months and is completely tailored to your needs and budget. You will be charged for the team members needed to meet your needs.

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