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Multidisciplinary team focused on high-quality software development

Working at desk

Where we feel most at home

We create custom, first-class web and mobile applications, offering scalable solutions.

  • Product road mapping + competitive analysis
  • Data Collection + UX strategy
  • UX/UI design system development
  • Minimal viable product software releases
  • Usability testing + analytics
  • HTML/Sass/JavaScript development
  • React + Angular single page applications
  • API development ready for scale
  • Custom-tailored, architected solutions
  • Documentation, training and workshops
  • Content management system integration
  • Content strategy development

What's in our toolbox

Our day-one approach allows our clients to rapidly build, iterate and deploy their products, all while gaining useful insights into their users' behaviors.

Carefully crafted process

We've built and designed our process over years of iteration and client feedback. Our collaborative, agile strategy helps our clients deploy quicker, validate features, and adapt to their users’ needs as their products grow.

  • Ideation

    Plan, discuss, discover

    We start with an inception workshop to understand what it is you want to build. This involves creating user personas, user stories, design wireframing and product road mapping. Workshop highlights:

    • • Understanding your users' behaviors
    • • Finding the right features
    • • Defining a day one product release
  • Initial Research

    Define and understand

    With the initial concept in hand, we begin a sprint of research and planning. This includes creating terminology, interviewing your current or potential users, and researching the product's competitors. We do this through surveys, interviews and collaborative sessions with you and your team. Our intent:

    • • Deep dive into your domain
    • • Discover what works and what doesn't
    • • Understand environmental influences
  • Sprint Phases

    Implement, test and iterate

    Now the fun part. We turn our research into actionable items. We start by creating basic designs and testing our assumptions with your users. Once validated, we work in 2-week sprints, testing early and often with you and your users. Our process:

    • • Bi-weekly scrum and planning meetings
    • • Retrospectives to improve team collaborations
    • • Fluid iterations to build what's needed first
  • Product Release

    Release and collect data

    It's important to push small, meaningful product releases to your users. This way your users can help provide meaningful feedback and shape the product they need. Our goals:

    • • Deploy demo environment for collaborative testing
    • • Provide documentation for user testing
    • • Determine changes based on user feedback
“We thrive on collaboration at Schlep and, thus, when vetting the options we had to work with on our technology product, knew we had to find a team that had the bend toward excellence that we thrive on, as well as, the attitudes to match. Made By Munsters has fit in with the Schlep team from day one – and continues to drive our product to be top performing.”
Hunter Riley
Hunter Riley
CEO + COO at Schlep

Pick your way to work with us

At Made by Munsters, we form partnerships with our clients. Whether you are looking for help implementing a more agile, sprint-focused design process or need a quick landing page produced and deployed, one of our plans has you covered. Read more for in-depth information on each option.