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It’s true. We love WordPress.

WordPress is designed for everyone. Its intuitive features allow non-technical administrators to create, edit and delete small to large scale websites without prior software development knowledge. The platform is inclusive and accessible for all users - developers, editors and site visitors. Most importantly, it's built for speed and page performance.

Its flexible development environment allows our team to create templates for highly-customized pages. It also allows us to create simple, multi-use templates that any site administrator can leverage to create compelling and engaging layouts.

Its robust user management system allows for multi-tiered admin privileges to help you control site access and edibility. WordPress is optimized for search engines and provides a high-level of SEO value right out of the box. In addition, providing a community of developers who continually create free and open-source plugins to enhance your site’s overall experience.

Make editing easy
Admin tools built
for speed + efficiency

WordPress allows our team to create custom-tailored experiences and not themes. We leverage WordPress’ open-source nature to build the components, features and screens your organization needs for day one and beyond. A few more perks:

  • Wp door icon

    Dedicated admin login portal

  • Wp users icon

    Multi-tier user permissions

  • Wp color icon

    Customized themes

  • Wp devices icon

    Responsive templates

  • Wp glasses icon

    Visual administrator page editor

  • Wp images icon

    Multi-media library for content storage

  • Wp documents icon

    Unlimted post and page creation

WordPress features
WordPress admin interface
WordPress mobile interface

A plugin for anything
A plugin for everything

WordPress’ open source community has solutions to almost every problem we need to solve for your site. The extensive plugin library allows our team to take advantage of widely used tools to help make your site more powerful, accessible, extensible and effcient. Moreover it allows our talented developers a way to build on top of the platform to meet your organization’s needs.

WordPress plugins interface

Rock solid hosting solution

Made by Munsters' approach to hosting centers around four core concepts: agility, performance, intelligence and powerful third-party integrations. This way your site can adapt to your growing needs. It’s why we partnered with WP Engine. The cloud-hosting platform is specifically tailored for WordPress-based websites and allows for maximum flexibility as well as scalability as needed.

WP Engine automates processes, such as daily site backups to ensure you always have the most up-to-date copy of your data, security screening to alert you of potential site vulnerabilities, and automatic plugin and WordPress vision upgrades. They do all of this so you can focus on what matters: growing your reach and amplifying your message.

  • 24/7 chat & phone support

    24/7 chat & phone support

  • Smart WordPress plugin manager

    Smart WordPress plugin manager

  • SSH Gateway

    SSH Gateway

  • Optimized page performance

    Optimized page performance

  • Multiple testing environments

    Multiple testing environments

  • Transferable sites between teams

    Transferable sites between teams

  • Automated SSL certificates

    Automated SSL certificates

  • Global content delivery network

    Global content delivery network

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Crafted process
Built to test & iterate

As a team, we have developed a strategic methodology and approach to each project we’ve been a part of. A high-level overview includes the following:

01. Plan, Discuss, discover
  • • Understand your users' behaviors
  • • Finding the right features
  • • Defining a day one website release
02. Define & Understand
  • • Deep dive into your domain
  • • What works and what doesn't
  • • Understand environmental factors
03. Implement, test & iterate
  • • Bi-weekly planning meetings
  • • Retrospectives for collaborations
  • • Fluid iterations to help steer path
04. Release & collect data
  • • Deploy demo project for testing
  • • Provide documentation for testing
  • • Gather feedback for future work
“We literally talk with Made by Munsters every week when we're determining the strategy for new website needs from acroos the organization. The transformation in our site has been phenomenal. We build things so much more quickly than we did before working toegether.”
Arianna Cicchinelli
Arianna Cicchinelli
NGA Operations Manager

Latest & greatest

We have had the pleasure of collaborating on small- to large-scale projects with some really great teams. Here are a few samples of projects we've worked on.

  • ThirdHome - Adventures

    Enterprise Collaboration

    ThirdHome - Adventures

    ThirdHome is a premier travel club for second home owners. The platform invites users to join a community of like-minded members who take advantage of unused time in their second homes, to open the doors to countless other homes within their network. We teamed up with ThirdHome to help them launch Adventures.

    WordPress Design + Development

  • Aspire

    On-Deadline Project


    Aspire recently launched a new credit card campaign and asked us to bring the digital effort to life. The goal was to help explain why customers should consider the product while also providing a quick path to sign up. The site was built on WordPress to allow their team of admins to make rapid edits based on user feedback.

    WordPress Design + Development

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